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The copper tree arrived today and WOW!!!!! 

It's truly beautiful.  I am so impressed. I admit I was slightly dubious when I ordered it as I had only seen pictures on your website but it has genuinely exceeded all expectations.  

I have to wait to install it unfortunately because we are still building our patio and the surround that it's going into but I can't wait to get it in, tweak the leaves and get it going. 

Thank you so much. Please could you share this with the people involved in making it and packing it.

Kindest regards

Anna Hocking

Hi I recently purchased one of your bracelets whilst visiting a little shop in Glastonbury, I have suffered from chronic neck/shoulder pain and since wearing your jewelery it has eased my pain 100%. The designs are so pretty i have recommended you to all my friends in my home town  of barry wales.  Thank you.

I just wanted you to know how I am getting on with the copper bracelets
and ring that I bought from you, as I hope that you might be interested in
hearing my 'story'...
In 2001, I was in a near-fatal car accident. As a result, I will be in a
wheelchair for life, and parts of me are plated and screwed together,to
repair shattered bones - the worst of the damage was to my left arm where
both the radius and ulna were absolutely shattered. The surgeon told me
that he would do the best he could to save the arm, but the long-term
prospects were not good.
Many years of pain, loss of feeling in my hand/thumb, and feeling constant
coldness in the arm/hand, I felt that this was just something that I had
to live with - after all, I am very lucky to be alive :-) However, I
wanted to try to make all improvements that I could, and as a firm
believer in complementary medicine, I thought that the benefits of using a
copper bracelet/ring could only help!
I never imagined how much it would help, though!! Firstly, the constant
pain that was just part of everyday life is so much better. What is really
extraordinary though, is the improvement in circulation - my hand
especially the wrist/thumb where all the nerves are damaged, was always
cold. This caused me much misery - even on a warm day. Now, since wearing
the Torque bracelet I bought, and the copper ring on my thumb (which I
never take off!) I have felt amazing changes. My hand, wrist and thumb are
always warm!! My GP who is a very good and caring man, was just totally
amazed, he touched my hand and said, 'But it's so warm! I can't believe
it!' He knows only too well how much that used to trouble me, and how I
always had to use arm warmers and gloves (even in summer!) So we are both
amazed and delighted.
I recently did some damage to the tendon in my other thumb, and instead of
trying to put up with the pain while it gradually healed, and improved
with physio,I simply bought another copper bracelet from you - within a
week of wearing that 24/7, not only was the inflammation and pain all but
gone, but more important to me, I was able to do my favourite hobby (it
keeps me almost sane!) which is counted cross stitch. Holding a needle had
been impossible, and I was starting to climb the walls not being able to
do my stitching, because when you are limited by mobility issues, the
things that you can do, and which brings so much pleasure, are even more
So, I wanted you to know what I have experienced - and more than anything,
I want to say THANK YOU so VERY much, I can't begin to tell you how much
of a difference this has made to me. I have been able to reduce the
medication for pain that I was on by over 75% and completely came off
dihydracoedine, paracetamol,Tylex, and I have been able to reduce the
strength of the Fentanyl patches that I am prescribed, by 50%, from 100
mcg/hr to 50 mcg/he. This can only be better than being on so much
medication for pain relief!! As a direct result of not being in so much
pain, I have been able to get off antidepressants, as I am sure you can
understand how being in constant pain is very debilitating and has a very
negative impact on every aspect of your life. I am working with my GP, who
is absolutely delighted with the way this is working for me, by the way,
so that I can also try to get off the tranquilisers that I have been
dependent on for over 14 years - again, a direct result of not being in
constant pain. When you literally can't sleep because you hurt so much,
well, it can really bring you down.
I can't begin to thank you enough, and I thought that it was high time to
share the amazing experiences that I have had from using your copper
bracelets and ring. Of course, I recommend your website to everyone, and
even bought a bracelet for a friend who has arthritis (he has found that
it is helping him!)
Just one final little bit of interesting phenomena that I have noticed -
my bracelets and ring change 'tone' and brightness, depending on how I am
doing! I have other health problems, and when I am having a 'bad spell',
the bracelets (especially the Torque that I wear on my left wrist) and the
ring go really dull, and seem to look lifeless - as soon as my general
health picks up again, they are bright, clear and glow with the beautiful
burnished warmth that copper has. As I don't take them off, ever, I just
wash them when I wash my hands, or bathe, and they get rubbed with the
towel - this is all the care I have found that they need. It's not a
coincidence, it happens every time I have a bit of a low, and I can now
tell when I am going to have a good day or a bad one, from how bright my
copper is, in the morning! I don't know if any of your other customers
have experienced this, but it is something that I find very interesting,
and can only put it down to some kind of change of energy in the body...
Well, sorry for such a long message, but I have been meaning to write for
some time, and I really wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Kindest Regards,
Fiona Clements-Russell xXx

Thank you I received the ring yesterday.  Excellent service.
I will let you know how I get on with the ring.
 Best wishes
 Mrs Hornsby

Thank you, received today.  Bracelet looks really good.  Very pleased.
Many thanks
Jannette Watson

The fountain arrived safely. It is beautiful and works well.
Thank you,
Adam West.
Thank you so much for your fantastic service!  My son is delighted with his new bracelet.  This is the 2nd one I have sent him.   The first fell apart after years of hard work on a hunter yard.   So a big thank you for your excellent product and delivery,
Mrs S Elliott
Thank you for such a speedy delivery which was received yesterday. Items purchased are better than they look on internet !! Great job and many thanks.
 Brgds Bas
Dear Sir / Madam Thank you for my order it arrived yesterday. I am very pleased  with both bracelets l will certainly recommend your company in future. 
Yours sincerely
 Carol Leach
Just to let you know that my mother and I are very pleased with your "copper penny" type insoles. We hardly feel them in our shoes and our "foot / toe" pains have gone completely. My pains were due to gout and hers due to rheumatism.
 David Butt


Thank you so much.  My bracelet has arrived and I am delighted with it.  I will pass your details on to anybody I know who would like one.
 Best regards
I would just like to say thank you so much for our Copper Tree, we have unpacked it so that we could see what it will look like. But we are not ready to assemble it yet as we are waiting for the garden to be landscaped in October it will look fantastic.
 Thank you once again.

Thank you once more for a fantastic service. Bracelets arrived yesterday in plenty of time for birthday 28th. Excellent well done.

Best regards
R Perry

I received my order today and want to thank you for your prompt delivery of same. The copper magnetic bangles/bracelets are absolutely beautiful.  My husband loves his bracelet and he is not a person who has ever worn much jewellery.  I am very pleased with the quality of the bracelets.  They are more lovely than the pictures on your web site can reveal. I can't believe how fast the order was delivered to me all the way to Australia.
Thank you so very much.
Elisabeth Bradley,

Order safely received this morning.
Many thanks or  such good service.
June Galea

Dear Sirs,
What an excellent service you provide. My order arrived today, excellent packaging, fast delivery (24hr) and the Products were superb quality - fully as described. Will be recommending you to all my friends and anyone who asks.
Many many thanks.

Thank you so much for exchanging the copper dog collar that was very kind of you and the new one fits perfectly your service has been spot on its so nice to deal with someone who values customers as you do and gives great customer service . Will recommend you
to family and friends.

Many thanks
Denise hill

Many thanks, the copper bracelet arrived this morning and is just right. Many thanks for your very prompt action on this.
Peter Nightingale.

Just to tell you the collar has arrived and we are very pleased with it thanks
regards john 

Hi Darrell , Bracelets  delivered this morning .  Thank you so much for sorting this out. Excellent service.
regards Flo

My bracelet arrived today and I´m really pleased with it.  I´ll let you 
know if it works but it looks great, fits perfectly and your service is 
excellent.  Thank you.
Wendy Hopkins

What brilliant service, goods arrived within 48 hours of ordering and look 
so nice.  The lady on the phone was lovely when ordering so many many 
thanks for brilliant service.
Helen Brown

Collar received right on time as you predicted.  Very pleased with it.  It is heavier than I expected but Tess, our 16 year old Collie Cross seems very comfortable with it on.  I do hope it helps with her athritis as we have had to stop her medication for a while as instructed by the Vet.  We will try anything to try and keep her as painfree as possible.
Thank you for your prompt service.
Just a line to say THANK YOU for your excellent service order received this
morning and I am very pleased with the bracelets.
Brian Hartley

Simply to let you know that I have received my package and am thrilled with the bracelets. Fabulous!!!
Many Thanks
Rita Broadhead
Thank you very much it was very quick in coming & I have had it on for one day & it seams to be working, but will let you know at a later date.
I will order another one after leaving this message.
Thanks again,

 Hi there
I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely plain copper ring and bangle. They arrived really quickly and were just what I wanted. I'm hoping for eased joints, but if not they look lovely anyway!
Thanks again,

Hello UK , Copper-bracelets
Thank you very much for your 2 postage parcels to Denmark, I love your
very fine quality copper bracelets and copper rings.
Warmest regards from
Yvonne Georgia Steinbock Bahrt.

HI there, Darrell,
The torque arrived today - its fits perfectly.
Thanks for your help.

I bought a copper bracelet from you last year and was very doubtful of it
helping. For a couple of months I've had no pain in my hip and knee and
I'm not taking any painkillers. Can you imagine how thrilled I am
Helen Brown


Hi There 
Just to let you know my water feature arrived yesterday as stated. It's now up and running I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship. Thank you very much for a pleasant transaction. 
Kind regards 

Dear sir/madam, Thank you for the speedy service.
I received the copper bracelet that I ordered from you,
in this mornings post.  Thanks again
Mrs A Westerman

Hi I'd just like to say a big thank you for my bracelet. I love it. And a big thank you for the very quick service. It arrived yesterday and I only ordered it at the start of the week! 
Regards pauline 

I just wanted to let you know that the bracelet arrived this morning. It is a gift for my husband and I know he will be delighted with it. I am very impressed with the design and quality and your service is excellent. You must have dealt with my order within minutes of receiving it.

Many thanks from a happy customer


Just wanted to confirm the arrival of this Copper Bracelet .

Very pleased with your communication , speed of shipment , the product quality , and I would recommend you to others.
Many thanks for your excellent service .

Mike Rawles

Many thanks for your speedy and efficient service.
Jean Dottie

I have received my order today and want to thank you for your prompt and efficient service again. The bracelets are delightful, as expected!

Many thanks
Alison Stevenson

We have received the tree today and just wanted you to know we are so delighted with it, it's absolutely fantastic!!!!! the workmanship and quality is outstanding and it meant so much to us to have Olivia's name engraved on it we truly are grateful to you.

Would you please thank Darrell for an outstanding feet of art and the work and love he as put into it, it is so very much appreciated by us.

Kindest Regards
Sandra & Roy Higginson.​​​​​​​