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Most dogs develop arthritis through old age, but this is not the only factor that causes the condition. Certain breeds of dog are more likely to develop arthritis than other breeds, especially if the breed is large, such as a German shepherd or Labrador. Dogs that are overweight or obese tend to develop arthritis due to the extra weight on the joints and conditions such as hip dysplasia and patellar subluxation cause cartilage erosion that aggravates arthritis.

Common Symptoms to look for are:
Reduced Activity
Difficulty getting up from a lying down position
Stiffness in the legs especially after waking or in the morning
Difficulty jumping up onto things  
Difficulty climbing stairs
Yelping in pain
Chewing or licking at joints
Showing personality changes such as aggression

It is necessary to speak to a vet to get a diagnosis and advice about treating your dog. A vet can advise you, on a suitable exercise regimen that is safe for your dog and a diet plan that will help. If caught and treated early, arthritis can be managed.

The number one thing you can do for your dog’s arthritis is to make sure your dog is not overweight. Extra weight can aggravate arthritis by causing stress on the joints. You can start shedding the weight with light exercise and a balanced diet without the usual titbits. Low-impact exercises are best such as slow walking and maybe an hour a week in a hydrotherapy pool if you have one nearby. Once the extra weight comes off your dog will be a lot more comfortable without the extra stress on the joints.

dog hydrotherapy pool

Glucosamine and cod liver oil will help keep the joints supple and help ease the pain associated with arthritis and its natural, you can get this from the pet section in your supermarket or local pet shop.
glucosamine and cod liver oil

Try one of our copper magnetic dog collars which combine the age old copper remedy with magnetic therapy. After supplying magnetic copper bracelets to humans for over 50 years we found they can also help your pet.

copper magnetic dog collar

 Making a few simple changes can make your dog’s life a lot more comfortable. Raising the food and water bowl will make life a lot easier for starters along with a doggie step to get on and off the sofa without jumping.
doggie step
For more information on arthritis and your dog click here